Changing Finance

Financing change



The Blended Capital Group helps build sustainability focused, businesses and projects focused on delivery of the SDGs.

Our approach is rooted in a unique wealth of experience and networks which straddles boundaries between sectors. We bring together players and finance from the public, private and third sector — mobilizing resource and expertise all the way along the investment chain to make complex projects happen.


    Using Blended Finance To Build:

Cleaner Capitalism 

Markets driven by environmental, social and governance (ESG) excellence with safeguarding fully embedded.

rejuvenated environment 

Building on nature’s assets to maximize positive ecological impacts and benefits.

Vibrant Communities

Working with business and finance to ensure communities grow sustainably and secure their future over generations.

“The Blended Capital Group believes that values-based business approaches are a powerful response to the challenges of a globalized economy. Clear, coherent and consistent values enhance risk management and enable businesses and investors to realize new opportunities across borders.”Paul Clements-Hunt, CEO, TBCG

Snapshot of our services



Scaling impact strategically

This service is rooted in the belief that every audience warrants a dedicated pitch. With our understanding of both the private and policy worlds, and their myriad intersections, we can help fine-tune investment and project narratives in response to the needs and of a variety of actors. TBCG is ideally located to socialise and introduce new ideas into diverse spaces, and use feedback to refine narratives for further project development

DYnamic investor relation

Building on a global network which spans the entire investment chain, from high-risk impact investors to long-term thinking pension funds, TBCG has the ability to connect clients to the pools of capital ideally suited to supporting their business. Raising finance happens in stages and through strategic communications advice we enable companies to refine their offering as they receive feedback from potential investors.

Dynamic donor relations

We help NGOs diversify their funding streams to enable them to develop long-term, ambitious programmes. Grant funding is coming under increasing pressure and can be a precarious way to operate. We open NGOs to the possibilities of using blended finance to access funding from across the investment chain: from social impact investors to DFIs. The process is dynamic, reacting to opportunities without compromising the core mission of the organisation.

Research and policy


TBCG are thought leaders and have extensive experience producing research relating to the intersection of finance and sustainability to the highest level.

We have produced papers on topics such as   Financial Stability and Systemic Risks; and organised a global ‘roadshow’ for Global Infrastructure Basel on Infrastructure for a changing world

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