The Flow

Over the past 3 decades, the team at TBCG has been at the coal face of the sustainability agenda. We have worked at the highest level of UN agencies, government officials, development banks and philanthropy. We have also focused much of our work down at the ground level to understand the needs of communities as we aim for a fully circular and sustainable future.

TBCG believes ideas, events and reports have to be a simple means to an end. That end is impactful sustainability action. Ideally, action at scale already, or replicable in time. Action that improves the lives of communities, families, entrepreneurs. Action which strengthens the layered fabric of communities and drives benefits from vibrant social interconnection, a regenerated environment and cleaner capitalism. 

Wherever TBCG delivers impact through action – in the form of ideas, businesses, collaborative community projects – we aim to ensure our efforts are deployed to accelerate the goals of sustainability. Reports and events can catalyse while action is about delivery.

Pieces of the Puzzle

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UNCTAD events

Environmental Sustainability Coalition

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