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A global journey

The Blended Capital Group (TBCG) was founded by Paul Clements-Hunt in March 2012. Prior to that Paul headed the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative ( from 2000-2012 and he was the original backer of the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment ( As a founding Board member of the PRI, Paul helped steer the initiative as a UN representative on the PRI board from launch in 2006 until leaving the UN in 2012. In January 2020the PRI counts more than 2500 institutional members representing more than U$80 trillion in assets. At UNEP FI, Paul’s team defined the term Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) which now underpins the investment world’s approach to sustainability and impact.


TBCG: The people Behind ESG

During his time at the UN founder Paul Clements-Hunt was instrumental in the creation of UNEP FI’s UN Principles for Responsible Investment. As the original backer and developer of the UNPRI he saw them go from a mere concept to an agreement signed by over $80 trillion of assets. In 2004 Paul’s UNEP FI  team was also responsible for coining the term ESG, adapting the existing acronym ‘GES’. Paul’s instinct, which proved to be right, was that because the business community was already well acquainted with the importance of governance, and was increasingly aware of the importance of environmental issues, leaving ‘social’ at the end of the acronym left it at risk of being ‘flicked off’ and forgotten. Foregrounding the Environmental and Social, leaving Governance to wrap up the acronym turned out to be just the right formula.


Thought-leaders in changing times

TBCG has been involved in crucial conversations relating to the intersections of sustainability issues and finance over the past decade. We bring a deep understanding of systemic risk to the forefront of finance. Rising global inequality, resource scarcity, energy security, ecological crises and climate change all contribute to and are contributed to by financial instability. This instability limits  global developmental progress and undermines long-term profitability. We understand that the systematic integration of transparency, accountability and responsibility is necessary to build a resilient financial system which is profitable in the long-term. 

The Blended Capital Group  has been developing frontier ideas, innovative solutions to bringing finance to where it is most needed. This means transcending simple binaries of developed/ undeveloped economies and recognising that there are communities and sectors lacking the requisite finance to develop and thrive all over the world.We are confident that the risk profile of many of these communities is mis-understood and that the right vehicles and incentives can unlock pools of capital and render them useful to the long-term sustainable development of deprived communities


As Owners and Advisors We Develop Sustainability Focused Projects, Businesses and Organisations That Thrive and Deliver Impact

We help build sustainability focused, ESG aligned businesses and projects with  models focused on delivery of the SDGS. Our approach is rooted in a unique wealth of experience and networks which straddles boundaries between sectors. We bring together players and finance from the public, private and third sector — mobilizing resource and expertise all the way along the investment chain to make complex projects happen.

As owners of cutting edge sustainability businesses we have developed exciting products from an early stage to serious marketability. In our advisory capacity meanwhile we help businesses and projects frame themselves, develop and flourish to have serious impact towards achieving the SDGs.




TBCG  Indicative Clients 2012- 2020



Indicative List of Events Organized by TBCG

  • “Africa: Building the 21st Century Infrastructure”, chaired by Gordon Brown, 23 Jan, Davos
  • “RI & Impact Perspectives from Africa, India and in Global Equity Markets” -May 2014, London
  • “Sustainability Dividends from Zero Carbon and Green Real Estate” – 20 Nov 2014, Tokyo
  • “Clean green & super smart African cities for the 21st Century” — hosted for the Executive Office of the UN Secretary General – 24 November 2015 , Johannesburg
  • “Concluding a year-long exploration of investor thought leadership on climate change” 8 December 2015, Paris (at CoP21)
  • “The 21st Century Asset Owner — Returns from a Sustainable World” – 21 Jan 2016, Davos WEF
  •  “Zero Carbon Investing: Building passive and active portfolios for a decarbonising world”  – 2 November 2017,  London

Case studies

MWEZI means moonlight in Swahili. UK entrepreneur Mike Sherry started the company in 2013 and MWEZI is now one of the fastest growing retail distributors of small-scale solar technologies in East Africa. Since pre-inception TBCG Founder Paul Clements-Hunt has worked with Mike to build a thriving and scalable last mile distribution business which is delivering strong income growth and widespread environmental, health and social impact. March 2019 delivered U$300,000 in gross income across the MWEZI network’s 14 outlets around Lake Victoria. We believe the business model is proven, replicable and scalable. The MWEZI story is only just beginning in TBCG’s view.

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Globally, Sovereign Wealth Funds hold $7.45 trillion in assets. Breaking from their traditionally conservative investment strategies, SWFs are responding enthusiastically to the message that ESG compliance, and sustainability in particular, is important to driving long-term returns.

Over the past three years The Blended Capital Group, working with the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth, has played an important role in creating a climate for SWF sustainable investment by delivering speeches and workshops on climatic risk, sustainable infrastructure investment and resilience.


Replacing the key role of liquid fuels  in our energy mix  represents one of the defining technological challenges of our times. We’re working with a company up for the challenge. Nova Pangea Technologies is a UK-Based company which has developed an efficient, effective and profitable chemical process for the fractionation of plant-based materials into fuels and industrial chemicals. Their Refnova technology is fast, feedstock agnostic, high yielding and has low operating costs, resulting in overall commercial superiority over similar competitors. Can Nova Pangea be the breakthrough technology which perfects the long-anticipated breakthrough of biofuels?

When IPCM Canada sought a European asset management partner to broaden use of its unique investment approach, The Blended Capital Group (TBCG) founder Paul Clements-Hunt worked with Dr Matthew Kiernan to create a partnership with the €60 billion multi-asset class manager, Groupe La Française (GLF).TBCG’s contribution helped IPCM to successfully secure a lucrative joint venture with this major European investment manager.

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